The index for all categories is sometimes wrong

Hey I have noticed on 2 separate occasions that a new topic I posted was only visible on the particular category I posted it in and could not be seen on the main (all categories) page.

Today for example I posted about 1/2 hour in the troubleshooting category about a problem resetting photons. I can’t see it in (all categories)

Not sure what might be wrong on your end, but I can definitely see it over here:

Have you tried refreshing your browser, maybe clear your cache?

Hi @Moors7,

You are completely right I had not scrolled down. I still had the all categories page open when I saw your reply. so was able to see it without reloading the page.

Previously when I had run into this I made an effort to make sure I was not making a silly mistake like this and took some screenshots , but did not end up posting the problem. I will look to see if I can find those old screens.

Anyways I will mark this as resolved Thanks

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Hey I just found the problem again. An example of a topic I posted that can be seen on its specific category page but not on the all categories page

I grabbed screenshots this time to illustrate.

You will notice that the topic Serial monitor that will reconnect Windows is missing from the all categories page but listed on the general page

I know it is a small thing but thinks there are occasional problems with the index

I just went back to the all categories page and can now see it. I am running firefox is there any known issue with that browser?