TFT_eSPI has no member


I am having a hard time compiling the TFT_eSPI library for my application. I can't even compile the simplest code:

The compiler errors out that TFT_eSPI has no member named "init".

Here are some particulars:

  1. I am using the latest Particle Bench in VS.
  2. I create a fresh project with the "Particle: Create Project" function
  3. I load the TFT_eSPI library with the "Particle: Install Library" function.
  4. I configure the project for the device - a Photon (gen1) running 2.3.1
  5. I tweak the User_Setup.h file. The changes are minor
  • comment out #define ESP32_PARALLEL since I am using SPI
  • leave "#define ILI9163_DRIVER" alone since this is the device I want.
  • comment out the "ModeMCU" defines for pins
  • configure the pins to reflect my SPI setup as shown here

The IDE warns that it detects an include error in "#include "TFT_eSPI.h"". It says it cannot open source file "pgmspace.h"


So, I look around for "pgmspace.h" and replace with "avr/pgmspace.h". This resolves the include errors.

  1. I compile with "Particle: Cloud Compile" and get the error below.

I spend a bit of time trying to diagnose the issue, but can't seem to crack this nut. Does anyone have some advice? I haven't been programming for a couple years, and got back into it a few days ago for a project that I want to tackle.



Have you looked at the community library reference?

#include "TFT_eSPI.h"

void setup()
tFT_eSPI.begin(); //not init?

void loop()

Also the comment somewhere says (only tested with ILI9341) and you are using ILI9163 - maybe it does not work?

You could try contacting the author?



Thank you for for the advice. After reading it, I realized that in the process of trying to include all the important info, I mistyped. In fact, I am using ILI9341 driver:


WRT the community library reference, can you explain? As you might guess, I have only recently joined. I tried searching for eSPI references but didn't find anything.

WRT using TFT_eSPI.begin(); Yes. I tried that and it does compile. However, if I use another method like here, I end up back nearly in the same place:

What stumps me is that the autocomplete works and discovers all of the methods and definitions.


I had a bit of time and some interest to try using TFT_eSPI instead of Adafruit_GFX.

Not sure how this is meant to work as a library because the files are all there but are not being found, this is because the copy in the lib/TFT_eSPI/src folder is a sort of dummy of TFT_eSPI.h. If you copy the version of TFT_eSPI.h and .cpp in the lib folder into the /src folder then all those problems go away.

Unfortunately that's not the end of the problems - because there are Fonts and Drivers all in folders on the same level as /src aren't being found even though <>'s are being used on the #include and the folder name e.g. #include <Fonts/glcdfont.c>

I would take advice from others about why this is - and the best way to fix it.

I am not sure that this has been tested with a Photon or Photon2 as I am trying with.


Thanks for the clue. I will try and figure this out and will update the post when I have made some progress.


I have managed to get this library to build but frankly it was originally written for ESP8266 and then modified for ESP32 and later for RPI2040. There were many (>100) type mismatches that were throwing warnings and errors with the PROGMEM use and access. At the heart of this library it uses Adafruit_GFX so really you could just try the Adafruit_GFX_RK library that will work 'out of the box'. There are some improvements around fonts and writing text to screen instead of using .print(). Depends what your needs are.

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I had been using the Adafruit GFX library and it is perfectly adequate. However, I was intrigued by the examples and the potential to get some nice graphics without too much trouble. I did spend some time on this last week, but realized this was required more time than I wanted to invest in this increment.

In the meantime, I started testing a temperature barometer sensor (BMP390), but soon realized that there is potentially some issue with the Adafruit_BMP3XX library working correctly. Then, to further arrest progress, I am now having another new issue with the Photon 2 not updating its firmware - both of which appear to have existing threads.

Anyhow WRT to the original topic, once I have a baseline MVP I might circle back and look at harvesting some bits and pieces of the library for my application.

Good luck with fixing the issues you have listed.

There are a few interesting examples I have tried:

  • Matrix screen (vertical screen scrolling - this is a hardware feature with ILI9341 in portrait orientation).
  • Star field - a bit jerky when SPI running at 25MHz
  • Bitmap from Flash

Mostly the rest are font related - I might look at whether there are any speed improvements for custom font writing.

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