Temperature sensor DS18B20

Hi there,

I’m looking for a temperature sensors for my raspberry.

I found the DS18B20 on Amazon. It uses the one wire communication.

Could it be compatible with Raspberry and Particle?

Thanks for the help.

That is why there are like 1000 hobby projects that use it and a dedicated library yes…

I know.

But I ask for the compatibility con the Particle environment and if the on-line builder provides the libraries.

If you type “DS18” into the search function of this forum, you will see many examples of people using this sensor. Also, if you type “DS18” or “Dallas” into the search field of the libraries tab of the the online IDE, you will see that there are several libraries supporting this device.

Yes, I do that.
My only concerns is that I use a Raspberry and not one of the Particle boards.
I want to be sure that the libraries work also on Raspi.

@fedex03 Yes you can. Google it and you’ll get many results that show you how to connect the DS18B20 to the Raspberry Pi.

Thanks for the reply!
I will try.

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