Temperature / Humidity Dashboard (dht22)


I have built a temperature / humidity dashboard - uploaded to :

This is essentially step 1 in making a dashboard for the Indoor Air Quality Monitor. The first sensor I looked at was the DHT22 and it seems to be a popular sensor so I thought I would make it a separate project incase anyone finds it useful.

The webpages are quite stark since I just concentrated on getting the essentials working.

You can see what it looks like here :

There is nothing currently connected to it live since Im waiting on another dht22 to arrive - the only one I have is on the IAQ shield.

TCP connection to private server (spark core as tcp client)

I have updated the dashboard to include a calendar view.


I have added a couple of pages. A location page so you can enter when you change the location of your sensor. I also added some info about the health implications of high humidity.


The dashboard called “Live_Home” is the readings from my house. On the first day it took readings all day, but then at about 9 at night it stopped taking readings with nothing being sent to the server. I restarted the core the following morning. It has stayed alive for over 24 hours now.

Im not sure how to diagnose or recover from this scenario though - it would be good not to have to periodically restart it.


I have merged a couple of the reliability enhancements from the Indoor Air Quality shield into this github.
These are :

  1. Improved reliability using the PietteTech Temperature/Humidity library
  2. Improved reliability by using a queue to store the readings in. If there is a problem during send then it will send everything in the queue once the connection comes back
  3. If there is a problem resolving the host, try to resolve on subsequent sends.


In-case anyone is using this library, I have effectively abandoned it.
For temperature / humidity sensors I now use the Indoor Air Quality Monitor code in my other repo :

Which includes firmware for dht22 and sht15 sensors

I added the facility to choose standalone sensors from the “Add New Sensor” page.
If you choose Temperate / Humidity from that page you will only see graphs / calendars related to those measurements.

This provides a couple of additional features :
Recording Location and Position changes
Recording Events