TCPServer / TCPClient still unreliable?

Hi, is there anyone who got a (local) TCPServer to work reliably on the SparkCore?

Here’s what I tried:

  • Reading tons of threads on the topic
  • Running the TCPServer example from docs
  • Running countless “working” 3rd party examples
  • Flashing a deep update with particle flash --usb deep_update_2014_06
  • Updating CC3000 with particle flash --usb cc3000
  • Using different system modes

The result is always the same:

  • Requests to the TCPServer work sometimes, are often slow and after about 10 requests often hang
  • After a while (10s of minutes) the device becomes unreachable, even if no requests have been made
  • Using curl works slightly better than a browser (maybe related to size of request headers or parallel requests)

Any comments, working code, ideas or up to date info?

Kind regards,

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Could you try flashing the latest Service Pack from

There were a number of fixes and stability improvements there.

Thanks for the quick reply.

After flashing the cc3000 with dfu-util -d 1d50:607f -a 0 -s 0x08005000:leave -D cc3000-patch-programmer.bin (as included with, without calling make) my code now runs through 99+ requests. Seems to be an improvement at least.

Kind regards,