Tcpclient send arguments to php web side

I’m trying to call a php side on my server with the tcplient. The problem is that the php script needs some arguments. To send one argument with the Electron is no problem but I didn’t fount out how I can send more then one argument.

If I send:
tcpclient.println(GET /stockwaage_php/myphpSendMai.php? HTTP/1.0);
that’s works fine. And the php script taks the argument.

But if I try to send:
tcpclient.println(GET /stockwaage_php/myphpSendMai.php? Startup Error HTTP/1.0);
then the server send a error back:
400 Bad Request
(none)/stockwaage_php/myphpSendMai.php? (port 80)

Over a webbrowser both strings are working.
Does some of you have an Idea what I’m doing wrong?


One thing you definetly need to do is to escape the embedded blanks in “Stockwaage%20Startup%20 Error” since a blank would break the string.

Give this a try.

if I replace the Blanks with %20 then it works great