TCP Client Disconnect Issue

Hello All.
I am sending data to a TCP server from my Electron 3G. The code works well. But I always lose my connection while transmitting. I have 200 lines each with about 170 characters. Each time, it seems to print ONLY about 100 lines. It looks like there is a default transmit time after which the device loses the connection. Is this a default behavior somewhere in the firmware that can be changed? I do not believe it is a connection problem because it happens all the time. The device connects well each time but loses the connection half way. Short transmissions, say 20 lines, complete well in a few seconds.
Also, what is the default timeout period for TcpClient.connect()? How long will the device continue trying to connect until it gives up?

Thanks in advance!

That shouldn’t happen. I’m pretty sure I’ve transmitted far more data than that, but I’ll try to set up a test today and make sure it works.

@rickkas7, with 34KB of data, should the data not be sent in max 1024 byte packets? @mbyamukama, how are you sending the data?

@rickkas7 i am pretty sure i’ve transmitted more data before, up to 1 MB in factt. But i was on version 0.6.3 then. this is why i suspected something was done to the firmware. I will try using a different carrier and see.
@peekay123, Yes. I am using 1024 byte packets. In fact, you can read up on some transmission analysis with different buffer sizes in my post here.

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What system firmware version are you using on the Electron now?