Tasker and Particle POST Set UP

I wanted to update this community as I could not find any good or updated information on how to use tasker to POST commands to Particle

  1. Open up Tasker
  2. Select Tasks from top
  3. Push the + button on bottom
  4. Name your task ( this can be anything you would like)
    5.Hit the + on the bottom to select an action
  5. Select Net
  6. Then Http POST

Once inside the action edit screen (screen it brings you to after selecting HTTP POST) do the following:

  1. Server Port: https://api.particle.io

  2. Path: /v1/devices/your_device_id/your_function?access_token=your_access_token
    Remember to replace the above with your unique id, token, and function in your particle script

  3. Data/File: args=D2,HIGH
    Please note: your function from #2 can be anything and is defined in your script on the Particle side, also note that in your Data/File this may also be different depending on how you define it on the Particle script side as well.

Hope this helps anyone looking for a solution.

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This helped @valleyapps !

I do have a question for you if you’re able to assist.
I have been using Blynk to control and read data from a Photon.
I will be switching over to an Electron/Boron(never used so far, so treading in new waters).
By using Tasker to Post and control functions, and ubidots to read data, will this be assisting in lowering data usage vs Blynk?

Any help will be greatly appreciated.