Suggestions for RFID Control system

Hey, I want to build an IoT based RFID system for warehouse management where we can track assets within the facility. I plan on using passive RFID tags, instead of standard RFID cards. I have used RC522 with my Arduino projects and with Particle too. But I am not sure how good that is for deploying it on such scale and if it would be able to scan passive tags from distance like 2-3 meters or more. Also, I want this to happen quickly, So should I use an SD card to store the data and then push it to the cloud every hour or using Particle events should work ? I’d like to have your suggestions and input on this.

Hi @hannanmustajab -

I did a RFID project a while ago, was very new to this and also used the MFRC522 module. It is serving the client well, but you will get no where news the 2-3m requirement you are looking for.

You might want to refer to this article, it should provide you with some valuable insights in terms of RFID, active vs passive and also different frequency. From your brief description, you will have to work with Ultra High frequency modules. This also means that you will have to design and construct the antenna manually. This is not as easy as it might sound as there can be some math involved :slight_smile:

If at all possible, I would try to reduce the 2-3m requirement.

Sorry I know this is brief, but your requirement is quite extensive and will need some proper research… In my humble opinion.

Regards, Friedl.

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