Suddenly valid statements refuse to compile

I have two small projects I have been playing with on the particle electron, and suddenly this afternoon both refuse to compile (though unchanged from the last successful compilation) with errors like:

web-connected_led.ino:5:0: undefined reference to “cellular_credentials_set”

for the statements:

#include "cellular_hal.h"
STARTUP(cellular_credentials_set(“hologram”, “”, “”, NULL));


1_gps_features.ino:34:14: ‘class CloudClass’ has no member named ‘keepAlive’

for the statements:

Particle.keepAlive(60); inside the setup() function

both programs were being recompiled, but the only change was to make the keep alive timer 60 instead of 120 in the 1_gps_features.ino – the project web-connected_led.ino was unchanged (I just recompiled it when the gps project failed to see it still compiled)

Did something happen in the development environment?

Are you sure you have an Electron Starred/ chosen before trying to compile in the Web IDE or DEV IDE?

If not then the cellular references will give you errors since you would be compiling for Wifi devices instead of cellular.


Doh! sure enough – newbie mistake! Thanks a lot!

(background – I had been working exclusively with the particle electron and finally decided to try out my new photon – so I’d never switched devices before)


Thanks for the help!

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