[Submission] Lightweight Touchscreen Library

I created a new touchscreen library for Particle devices. It’s a simpler version than the ported adafruit library. Doesn’t measure pressure at this time, although it would be easy to add.

The library scans the touchscreen for touches and reports only when a touch is occuring. No need to look at pressure or measure the resistance across the x plate. This means that update() takes very little time if no touches are present. Uses multi-sampling on scans to debounce the touch location.

Can map the output of the touches to an LCD screen. So if you have a 128x64 lcd screen, the X and Y location output will be mapped to it. This is definable in the header file so any size lcd screen can be used. The GitHub version is set up to map a nintendo DS touchscreen to an ST7565 128x64 LCD

Inspired by @ScruffR’s ported library and the original adafruit library.


Nice job :+1:

Would you consider publishing this on Particle Build too?

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Library is published to Particle Build



LightTouch updated to 0.0.2. Now includes pressure readings. Tested on Photon with Nintendo DS touchscreen.

I have seen with other libraries, and it holds true with in LightTouch as well, that pressure varies with X coordinate. This makes perfect sense when you look at the equation we use to calculate pressure (found in Atmel app note AVR341), it’s directly proportional to the X measurement. Has anyone commented on this before or found a correction? I would think that ideally, pressure should not vary dependent on X,Y position.