Submersible Pressure Sensor

So I’m working on a new project to monitor a near by river for my biology teacher. The thing is, she wants to measure pressure sensor. But I can’t seem to find a “cheap” sensor that sends data through a digital data. The sensors I’ve found are either very expensive or it sends data through a current loop. If anyone can help thanks.


Are you looking for a Voltage Output, I2C, or other ?
Also, what’s the total range of head (water depth) that you expect to experience ?

A river can cause trouble with your sensor, even with a proper Stilling Well.
For instance, in Sewage Pumping Stations I use a tiny air compressor (think aquarium size) that bubbles below the water level and I measure the air pressure instead. Way less headache than a submersible Transducer in the long run.

The price point will generally reflect the accuracy. I currently use $15, $55, $150, and a few expensive sensors for water level measurement.

What price point are you looking for?
And what depth?

I had some custom made that use i2c and already have the code written for them. They are stainless and fully submersible. But they only have a 6’ cable.