String data between core (solved)

Is there a way to pass String of data between Core and HTML ?
Currently I am using Spark.function and Spark.variable to exchange parameters, but it limit to integer value.

I would like to pack all the parameters into a String and pass it over.
Please advice.


Hi @Dilbert

Spark.variables can be strings (well, C/C++ char arrays) or int’s or boolean’s or doubles. A Spark.function always takes a String (Arduino String object) and returns an int.

So you can pass character strings in both directions, there is just a little difference on the core side since one is a char array and one is a String.

Thanks again. Yes, I validate the method today and it is all working. I can read/write a section of EEPROM data.
Initially, I am thinking to use Spark.function to perform read/write. This method also work well.