Strcmp in subscribe handler not working

I’m kind of pulling my hair out on this. It’s probably a simple problem, but can anyone tell me why this isn’t working? In C# var1 == var2 would return a boolean value and work fine!

void setup() {
    Particle.subscribe("source", heatSourceHandler);
    Particle.subscribe("BroilerTemperature", broilerTemperatureHandler);

void loop() {

void heatSourceHandler(const char *event, const char *data){
    Particle.publish("The value of data is \"" + String(data) + "\"");
    Particle.publish("strcmp(data,\"outside\") is " + String(strcmp(data,"outside")));
    Particle.publish("strcmp(data,\"inside\") is " + String(strcmp(data,"inside")));

    if (strcmp(source,"outside") == 0)
        myRelays.on(OutsideWoodBoilerRelay);    //route radiant fluid through outside wood broiler;
        Particle.publish("route radiant fluid through outside wood broiler");
        myRelays.on(ElectricWaterHeaterRelay); //default to inline electric heater;
        Particle.publish("route radiant fluid through inline electric heater");

void broilerTemperatureHandler(const char *event, const char *data){
    //Particle.publish("Received temp - " + String(data));

As a test, also log strlen(data). A wild guess would be non-printable characters. We should expect strlen(data) to be 6 if data is “inside”.

It looks like the length is what’s expected

Particle.publish("Data", data);
Particle.publish("strlen(data)", String(strlen(data)));
Particle.publish("strcmp(data,\"outside\")", String(strcmp(data,"outside")));
Particle.publish("strcmp(data,\"inside\")", String(strcmp(data,"inside")));

I’m not seeing that the source in this statement has ever been defined:
if (strcmp(source

@groker, Particle publish and subscribe share a common buffer for data, so you should copy data before doing those publish statements,

void heatSourceHandler(const char *event, const char *data){
	int len = strlen(data) + 1;
	char copy[len];
	snprintf(copy,len, "%s", data);
	Particle.publish("The value of data is \"" + String(copy) + "\"");
	Particle.publish("strcmp(data,\"outside\") is " + String(strcmp(copy,"outside")));
	Particle.publish("strcmp(data,\"inside\") is " + String(strcmp(copy,"inside")));

	if (strcmp(copy,"outside") == 0) {


I get correct results when doing it this way.


Ric, you are one awesome dude!

I’ve learned from the best on this forum. You can thank @ScruffR for that piece of wisdom about the publish and subscribe buffers.

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Sorry about that, I was in the middle of changes and getting fed up. I posted the first post between compiles instead of after. As soon as I compiled it the IDE found that mistake.

@groker, you also need to obey the publishing rate limit of 1 even per second (with a burst of 4 with 4sec cool-down) - otherwise your device will get muted.

Thank you @ScruffR !

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Since I’m dealing with radiant heat, it doesn’t need to be real time. Thanks for the info.