Strange new event appearing in my photons


Thanks for responding quickly, @jeiden. Hopefully this is a completely unrelated coincidence, in the meantime, any idea as to why some publish/subscribe functions seem to have stopped working?


Without specific repro steps, it’s hard for me to know. I can tell you that I did some manual testing this morning with a photon I have, that included OTA flashing, publishing, calling functions, etc. that all checked out.

If you can provide a walkthrough of how to recreate the state you’re in, that would be quite helpful for our team.



I sent an email to Dave explaining my particular situation, to fully replicate my setup and problem would be pretty expensive on particles end, I would be happy to share my code either through PM or email if that helps.


@Mjones the fastest way to get help is to create a support issue via I will let our CS team know to expect it! Thanks


@jeiden - These messages still seem to be showing up. Just wanted to give you a heads up.
They don’t seem to be affecting anything, and like most, I am very very excited to hear about what you guys are working on. :slight_smile:


Hi everyone,

We have now removed this event from being automatically published. Hopefully this clears up confusion.