Strange new event appearing in my photons


Thanks for responding quickly, @jeiden. Hopefully this is a completely unrelated coincidence, in the meantime, any idea as to why some publish/subscribe functions seem to have stopped working?


Without specific repro steps, it’s hard for me to know. I can tell you that I did some manual testing this morning with a photon I have, that included OTA flashing, publishing, calling functions, etc. that all checked out.

If you can provide a walkthrough of how to recreate the state you’re in, that would be quite helpful for our team.



I sent an email to Dave explaining my particular situation, to fully replicate my setup and problem would be pretty expensive on particles end, I would be happy to share my code either through PM or email if that helps.


@Mjones the fastest way to get help is to create a support issue via I will let our CS team know to expect it! Thanks


@jeiden - These messages still seem to be showing up. Just wanted to give you a heads up.
They don’t seem to be affecting anything, and like most, I am very very excited to hear about what you guys are working on. :slight_smile:


Hi everyone,

We have now removed this event from being automatically published. Hopefully this clears up confusion.




Can you fix this issue: “One of my devices is constantly going offline and coming online”?
In my case, I am using two Xenon devices with the same program and events but both devices are constantly going offline and coming online, sometimes both devices at same time and in another cases only one device.
PD: The firmware installed on Xenon devices and Argon is rc27.

I really appreciate if you have information and share it about how to fix that?




@baperez, You should create a new thread for your issues with the new mesh devices. The OP was dealing with a, probably unrelated, issue with Gen 2 devices and a new feature on the server-side (several months before the Mesh line was even announced). In that new thread, post some code and describe the mesh setup in a bit more detail.


OK, perfect. Thanks by the suggestion.