Getting a weird Message on my screen

<Event: spark/device/diagnostics/update, DeviceID: 44002d000647333439313830, Data: {“service”:{“device”:{“status”:“unsupported”},“coap”:{“round_trip”:70},“cloud”:{“uptime”:1,“publish”:{“sent”:1}}}}, Time: 2017-11-21 18:38:37 +0000, TTL: 60>

Any idea what this is …?


@jade7272, perhaps a little more information would be helpful - which screen? Which OS?

Doesn’t matter …What os changed to em all …Reflashed to tinker Same message …Upgraded downgraded …Etc …Same thing anyone ??.

see my post

Back to peekays question, pls: are you talking about console log events (=screen)?
I think it could be a temporary problem with the Particle cloud. You can check here the status - System Metrics - Round Trip Latency
Is your code actually working as expected?

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Console log and node.js getEventStream