Strange behavior with multiple MQTT nodes

I have set up 2 photons that send temperatures to Node-Red via MQTT.

One has the topic set to “temp/1” and the other “temp/2”

When I reset each node I see my connect string for both topics but then I only receive temperature readings form the last device I program.

ie. If I program temp/1 then temp 2 nodes, I only get temp/2 readings and visa versa.

I have connection as they each connect and send their own connect message to Node-Red
ie, I see temp/1 Connect and temp/2 connect ok.





Let me ping someone that might be able to help, @peekay123 @ScruffR are you able to help with this?


Thanks Kyle,

I reprogrammed them both again and now seems to be running ok, not sure what happened in this case

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Well glad they are working again! Let us know if anything else comes up!