STPM32 UART Init register access (CRC-OFF) - steps

I’m new to this site and hope to pick your brain regarding the STPM32 energy metering IC.
Could you point me to a sample code to use UART communication port, pls. I simply want to power up, access the 1st register: 04-03-CD-AB-AB (or any access type to get going)

Access reg 0x24 to disable CRC permanently: 24-24-07-00-A8

and eliminate the CRC byte five (5) all together.

All what I need are few lines of working code. My UART is dead and I get nothing back at all…CRC incorrect?

Are you working with a Particle device?

On what device?

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Page 5 of the Datasheet says :slight_smile:image

Or for SPI :

The code to perform the CRC calculation is shown on page 16 (if you decide not to disable CRC).

Also, you may want to try their Evaluation Software GUI to get started.


This is not a STMicroelectronics forum but for Particle devices.

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