Stop particle.connect() after no wifi connection for set time

Is there a way to stop the P1 to stop trying to connect to wifi once particle.connect has been called? This is needed in case the user switches locations of the wifi network and they need to access the wifi.listen mode. I’m using a touch screen as the interface and I dont think I can call an interrupt with the touch4wire library when its trying to connect to wifi.


We are working on adding multithreading to the photon, so the system firmware runs independently from the user application. When that is in place, you’ll be able to simply call Particle.disconnect() after a given timeout in your application code, since that’s always running.

We’re aiming for a beta preview in 2 weeks.

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Awesome news! I heard it was coming just not sure when. Now that a soft time line is established i wont worry about it getting the time out workaround to work perfectly for now.