Spectra 2018 livestream

Hey guys,

Particle’s Spectra 2018 is live and can be watched here, enjoy!


Do take a look at the new rules-engine! A node-red based drag&drop programmign interface allowing you to create complex operations without having to take a deep dive into programming.


Consider joining the developer beta for the new and improved desktop IDE: Particle Workbench. Based on VScode, and offering a host of really sweet new features, it should be worthwhile checking out.


Have you seen the new Mesh-Ready SoMs? If not, then do have a look if you’re planning on going into production with your Mesh product! (Full specs coming soon.)


Have a look at this official topic from @zach:

Does this mean that Particle Dev’s days are numbered? I’m assuming so, but I don’t want to be spreading untruths …

I’m not aware of official plans regarding this, so these views are my own.

I don’t know of any plans to shut Dev down, but do know that Workbench should be(come) superior in every aspect. In that regard, I’d assume it to be natural for it to replace Dev.

Is there anything about Dev you prefer over Workbench? If so, what, and why? Maybe that can then be integrated into Workbench.