SparkFun MS5803 I2C issue


So I found this old post:

and I am seeing a pretty similar issue. I can talk to the MS5803 over I2C just fine from a regular arduino (ATMEGA 2560 3.3V), and porting the Sparkfun_MS5803_I2C library to particle was trivial.

I can talk to another of the project’s I2C sensors from my photon just fine, but cannot for the life of me get anything out of the MS5803.

I put a digital scope on the I2C bus and can see the photon trying to write to the I2C bus, but there is never any ACK. Again, if I connect a different sensor (a simple Baro sensor) I can see the whole conversation just fine.

I’ve tried the clock stretching hack from the thread I linked above, but saw no change.

Would love to hear from anybody with either I2C debugging/troubleshooting advice or if they’ve managed to get this working.