Spark White Paper - "From Prototype to Production"

As part of our ongoing efforts to make it easier for you to build Spark-based products, we have been working on documents that make it clear how we make that process easier and how we help you at different points in the process. Our Head of Sales has been working on a white paper to make this more clear. Here’s an excerpt:

##Building a connected product with Spark OS
Developing a connected product strategy that aligns with your organizations strategic goals can be a thrilling exercise given the possibilities of the Internet of Things (IoT): real-time usage data, self- diagnostics, software based upgrade paths, automated and accurate fulfillment of consumables, deeper and more value-added consumer interactions with your products, increased productivity and reduced costs for your customers, and so on.

However, designing and manufacturing a connected product is a difficult task. Building working prototypes can be expensive and time consuming. Furthermore, transitioning from a prototype to a scalable design, which is capable of very complex tasks without fundamentally changing the price point, presents a different set of challenges.

Our technology platform at Spark is designed with these challenges in mind. Our distributed operating system, Spark OS, makes it possible for products to do amazing things without a dramatic impact to costs because we’ve moved most of the complex interactions to the cloud, meaning the product itself doesn’t need expensive memory components and processing power.

We help our partners break down barriers, enabling organizations to quickly prototype, design for scale, and manage a fleet of devices all with lowest possible impact to a Bill of Materials.

for the full paper, please email! In the meantime, I’ll talk to the rest of the team about getting the document available for download.