Spark to Java app over local network


So I am doing a WiFi bulb project and thought the Spark Core would be perfect for it.
I have done simple programming projects in the past but never much to do with networking but so far I have created a simple GUI app in Java that can send the “curl” commands using CMD with a touch of a button to make some LEDs flash or change colour.

What am wondering if is there an easy way to get the core to communicate over a local network to a Java application (or server).
I have looked at the local communication example but I don’t understand the server codes.
Any help would be much appreciated!

Just to be sure… Java, or JavaScript? The latter is what Node.JS and SparkJS are based on, so that’s perfectly compatible. You could use a raspberry pi with a local cloud, which also hosts your GUI.

I’m most used to Java using Eclipse. My plan was to be able to use a Java app for more than 1 device with the possibility of multi-platform.