Spark stops receiving/sending data after a few days running constantly?

I have a spark connected to a promini which is connected to a moisture sensor. They in turn, share data through a nRF24L01+. I left them both on for a few days and after 3 days, the spark stops updating my web interface with new sensor values and just freezes. The interface controller which controls the D7 LED still works however. There has also been no break in the wifi. I am trying to narrow down the cause of this and just to confirm, since I can still control my spark D7 LED from the web interface, the problem would lie with the nRF24L01+ or promini and not the spark right? Just need some help confirming that the spark indeed is fine.

You cannot make that assumption :frowning:

Could you explain exactly what’s going on in a bit more detail? What’s ‘the interface controller which controls the D7 led’ exactly?

@psb777 alrighty then. Seems like ive got to run it once more and see when it hangs.

@harrisonhjones that interface is a website that uses the api to call for the sensor values and controls the D7 LED. To be more precise would be that I can still control the LED but when I try to read sensor values, the values do not change at all even when I adjust the sensor.