Spark.process() blocking in manual mode - no WIFI?

When running in SYSTEM_MODE(MANUAL), is it normal behavior for the Spark.process() (Particle.process()), to block for extended periods on the Photon when no WIFI is available?

I don’t remember seeing this exact issue when testing recently on the Core.

Is it expected that the connection status be checked explicitly before calling Particle.process()?

What I see appears to be that the process function times out after tens of seconds.

If you’re running intentionally without WiFi, call WiFi.Off() to keep the WiFi module from trying to connect.

Otherwise, yes it will call WiFi.connect() on it’s own, which blocks for 10-20 seconds when no wifi is present.

Alternatively, turn on system threading.

@jakeypoo - Thanks. I thought that system threading was turned on by default.

@jibarra, system threading is still considered beta so it is not turned on by default :wink: