Spark powered Conference Room status lights

Wanted to share my latest project. Controlling a number of LED strips with the Spark Core and using it’s internet access to display the availability of our office conference rooms.


Pretty simple to set up, using the innards of a car cell phone charger to drop my 12V input from a wall wart to 5V so I can power the Spark Cores without frying them (learned that the hard way). Using the PWM pins through the MOSFETs to control the RGB values of each LED strip (if only the Cores had more PWM pins…), and running ethernet cable along the wall of my office to keep things somewhat clean.

The Spark Core made all of this so easy, there’s a simple Rails app that uses the Ruby Spark gem to communicate with the Cores, super nice to have that kind of communication be so simple, so thanks again Spark team!

More pictures and a more thorough description of things can be found here -


OH my! That really made the place much cooler. :wink:

Very cool, thanks for sharing! :slight_smile:

This is so cool - thanks for sharing @efatsi!