Spark from a 12v input

Hello, I have used a spark core to control some 12v LED strips using a simple setup tutorial from adafruit. This works well but I am powering the spark with the USB charger and the LED’s with a 12v wall wart (shared ground). I Would like to simplify so that I only need one power supply. Looking for an easy way to do this (suggestions?) I found this and was wondering if it would work.

Is it this simple?

BTW, here is the adafruit tutorial/setup I am using.

I see no reason why that shouldn’t work, although you should mind the current. The Spark can draw around 300mA, which leaves you with a maximum of 200mA for peripherals. The maximum output of the converted is 500mA, but that should be avoided if possible. Depending on how much current you require, the 500mA might be on the low end. For the sake of second opinions, what do you guys think: @ScruffR, @bko?

Sure the Pololu converter will work just fine (nice folks at Pololu too!).

You could also get something like this from Adafruit (also nice by the way) for around US$10:

Or just a plain linear regulator like this for US$1.25

You would have to add a few capacitors to the linear regulator and it produces more heat, but it is cheaper.

I’d agree with @Moors7 and @bko.
Just for completeness, you got two options to power the Core (either 5V via Vin or 3V3 via the respective pin).
This might impact your choice of DC/DC converter (whichever you find easier/cheaper/… ;-))