Spark Core with SainSmart 1.8" TFT Color LCD Display Module

Yay, we got the Spark Core working with a SainSmart 1.8" TFT Color LCD Display Module on the first try.
I’ll share the sketch once I get it cleaned up.
Here’s a photo:


Nice. Also great timing since my SainSmart LCD order arrives tomorrow (Saturday).

Looking forward to the code to get a jump start with this module.

Here’s the code to paste into Spark:

Pins are:

On TFT:       On Spark
SCL (clk)            A3
SDA (mosi)           A5
RS/DC                D2
RES (reset)          D3
CS (SS)              D4

I have not tested the non-SPI code path.

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Nice! How’s the draw speed?

It is very fast. No noticeable problem.

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Well, now my core is just flashing cyan. Can’t connect to the cloud? Very strange.

codeandcircuit, are you allowing your code to “end” so loop() can return control to the Spark Core main() and do its thing? If you have any delays in your setup() or loop() that go beyond 10 seconds (Dave is this correct?), the cloud connection will time out so check that also. :smile:

There may have been such a problem. But now the core will not connect, even after a factory reset.

Just seeing this post now, you can email me using the @ on my name: “@Dave:smile:

A factory reset can be tricky to do the first time, so we made some videos (I’m the hand model):

and here:

(make sure you keep holding down ‘mode’ and don’t let go of that one until it flashes white)

Seems to be something strange about that particular Wifi network. It works elsewhere.

Hi, I am having issues with my Sain Smart tft screen to work with the spark. Was wondering if there were any updates to this thread. I have connected the screen and using the code provided here but I only see a blank screen. Any help is appreciated. I am a novice and not sure where I am going wrong. Thanks

Thanks for the great work here. I had to change a few of the col and row offset variables but was able to get this working with my Adafruit 1.44" TFT display very easily.

For reference, pins to the Adafruit display are:

On TFT:       On Spark
SCK                  A3
SI                   A5
D/C                  D2
RST (reset)          D3
TCS                  D4