Spark core to run Offline mode?

i want to programming spark to run mode offline

So i dev code spark if not connect to wifi So not to run ?

because i want to show LCD display for offline mode

how to work ?

Sorry I’m not very good at English. ^ ^

Assuming you want your code to run when it’s not connected to the internet, you can make use of the various system modes. You’d most likely be interested in the manual mode, since you can then control your connection manually.
You have to take into consideration that you won’t be able to program your Core wirelessly as long as it’s not connected. If you insert a small delay in the setup (10-15 seconds) you could reset the Core, and quickly flash it before the delay is over. This will allow you to once again program it wirelessly. If not, then you’ll have to resort to flashing over USB, perhaps using the CLI.

Take a look at the docs and let us know if there’s something unclear.


Hi, I found this question (and the answer) very interesting. Could you update the links to the information you mentioned?

Thank you very much.

Here you go.
I’m not sure what the differences are at this point so just check the relevant docs :slight_smile: