Spark Core Data Consumption

I am planning on using the spark core with a Mifi device to supply it with the needed wifi connectivity.
My question is what is the data consumption used by the core for the connectivity with the spark cloud (daily, hourly or any other period).
I need to know that so i could evaluate the needed data plan for the Mifi…


I know the payload is like few bytes and probably wouldn’t use much to keep alive!!

10Mb sounds a lot for this matter. :wink:

Thx for the answer.
Do you mean 10Mb per month.
Moreover, as the payload is so light, do you think there will be a difference in the speed if if the midi router would be working on hspa+ or 4G ?

I think speed isn’t that critical…more of a stable network would be ideal.

When you on like let’s say…2G network…trying to access the core takes longer (as far as i have played around with my mobile hotspot)

10Mb is just some random ballpark figure off my head. If you perform stuff like OTA firmware update which is like… 20-100 Kb…then 10Mb is gonna be used up in like 100 flashes. :smiley:

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