SOS on client.connect fail to connect

client.connect and client.connected always return TRUE
How can I determine if client.connect was successful or not?

This is a reproducible issue, over on github it is issue #490 - (ignore the title, it’s morphed a bit, but if you red the last few comments, it is clearly referring to the behaviour you also report.)

No ETA yet for a fix, but tracking #490 is probably the best way to stay informed. I’ll try and remember to send an update here when there is news.


The last comment (9 hours ago) over there says you found the issue and it should be fixed now?
That would be awesome considering it really puts a damper on most connectivity projects with the Photon.
When can we get it?

No - the last comment says that we have a fix that looks correct, and I assume passed testing with the person that submitted the fix, but causes a hard SOS in my testing when the connect() should fail. So I’d say we are hot on the heels of the problem.

Note that #490 also references the fact that connected() is also broken, that’s a second fix we need to investigate, but I’m only going to look at that once I have the connect() doing exactly the right thing in all cases.

The fix is available in 0.4.4-rc.3 on github releases. :smile: