Some webhooks not passing through basic auth credentials

I woke up this morning to find that one of my webhooks was not authenticating properly with my server. I have four webhooks: two GET and two POST operations. All use basic auth to connect to my server. Only one of the POST operations was not authenticating with the credentials supplied in the hook. I deleted the webhook and recreated it. Then it started working again.

@Dave : Did something change on Friday night which would’ve caused this problem? This particular webhook had been operational since September without any issues.

Hi @bitwisekaizen,

Hmm, the request shouldn’t have changed on our end, any chance you have any more info about what wasn’t being sent properly?


The auth header wasn’t being set since the request came through as an anonymous user.

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Hi @bitwisekaizen,

Weird! Okay, I’ll keep my eye out for that.


@bitwisekaizen - can you tell me how you got your webhooks to use a basic auth credentials? I have got a simple GET webhook but require data from behind a simple logon screen. Do you know how to do this easily enough?


This did it for me!

     "event": "do_something",
     "url": "",
     "requestType": "POST",
     "mydevices": true,
     "rejectUnauthorized": true,
     "noDefaults": true,
     "auth": {
          "username": "",
          "password": "whateverpassword"

Would this be the same for a GET request? I suppose I would also need to know the name of the variable I’m aiming to get on the website…