Some question before getting started

Hi all,

I registered some time ago because I bought a core unit on ebay but I never had the time to make it work. I tried last week and I think it is broken or corrupt in some way and thats why I bought it so cheap back then. Sorry if some parts are not correctly writen, my english is not as good as it should.

I bought a photon which I think I will receive tomorrow and I have been reading some documentation pages these days.

Well, I have a couple of questions. First one, related to the capacity of photon board itself. Now I have some arduinos connected through xbees to a local network (raspberry with an xbee as main node) which has 6 digital inputs for sensors, 6 digital outputs and a pwm or another digital output and a couple of buttons. Its a kind of automated home environment. I guess there is no problem with the amount of pins and their use, is it?.

Second question. I just read about I have to pay to use the dashboard a monthly fee. Is it correct? I have some plans to sell my product but at a very low price (just covering costs, nothing else). Also, the amount of units I am planing to sell I don’t think never reach 30-40 units. For sure, they will never take 100. I would be proud if I am able to sell 10 between my friends and family. I am not planning to become rich with this, I already have a job and this is just a hobby.

I would want to switch from arduino yo photon because I want to be able to update the firmware in case I find a bug and also because now I need a raspberry and a screen to connect the raspberry to the internet through a local wifi network and being able to send frames received by its xbee to my personal server. I don’t even need to save the data in particle servers. I already have my own with all the scripts already running. So I could use particle platform to update firmware and trigger some functions some time (Switch on/off a light…).

What is the situation with this? I mean, do I have to pay because I have a kind of product due to the amount of units? Or I can have all the units registered to my account, manage them from it and it is ok?

If you have read till here, thank you.

Shouldn't be, but what parts of your current setup (RasPi or XBee or all) do you intend to replace with the Photon?

You won't need to pay anything to run a Photon.
The dashboard (now console) is free for makers like yourself.
Simplified: Only if you are setting up an organization that will create a product and want to use the fleet management features, you might want to use the paid tiers for convenience (free up to 25 devices per fleet product) - but it's not compulsory, even for 1000+ units.

BTW, what's wrong with your Core?

I am planning to remove my current arduino&xbee and use a spark photon. Because of that, I won’t need any more the raspberry. Now, I use the raspberry to read data from xbee network and send through an api rest to my server.

So, even if I have 30 devices, I can update their code without problems. Thats perfect.

I don’t know what is wrong with it. I tried a hard reset (yellow blink…) But I can’t connect to it. When I power on, I just see a white light blinking and after performing an add core operation with my mobile phone, it finds nothing. I guess the wifi module is not working but I haven’t tested so far.

Yellow blinking is DFU mode. Try holding it longer until it starts blinking white, that should do a factory reset. After that it should start blinking blue, at which point you can try the app.

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