[SOLVED] What is DCT and or DCD Layout

Looking at the Electron datasheet and wondering what the term “DCD layout” means.

Clicking on this link provided in the datasheet brings me to a GitHub source file that contains tons of references to “DCT” … not “DCD”.

So, also wondering what the term “DCT Layout” means, and if perhaps the acronym “DCD” has been used incorrectly in the datasheet when the acronym “DCT” was intended.

A google search of both acronyms doesn’t seem to turn up any useful information. Is this an acronym that only Particle uses?

Why I wan’t to know this:

Trying to advance my knowledge in the realm of ARM compilation and general microcontroller development.

Trying to understand how spark firmware is structured and how the bootloader, system flags, etc work in unison within the Particle ecosystem.

Trying to get to a point where I can modify/build spark firmware locally on my machine to try and better understand how spark firmware works. Might even build a feature and join the awesome community of spark programmers that have been pumping out new features and fixing bugs.

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I’m 90% sure the DCD is short for Device Configuration Data, basically the device settings.

In the Photon/P1, the DCD is stored using the Cypress WICED DCT, the Device Configuration Table. On the Electron, for consistency it uses the same structure to simplify porting code between devices, even though it doesn’t use WICED.

I think of the DCD as the generic term for configuration data, which may be stored in DCT format. So they’re somewhat interchangeable terms.