[SOLVED] Using ITEADLIB_Nextion to set pics help needed

@ScruffR I talked to you before on the Nextion forums but you said this would be a better spot to get ahold of you. Thanks again for the library it has been working great so far. I’m getting caught on one spot though. For the project I am working on I would like a wheel with 31 segments to spin (each segment is filled in in each of the different pictures). I’m running into the issue of converting a bool to a void. I know this is due to the library. I was wondering if you or anyone else has a way to get the code to work. Here are some snips of my code.

In the library this is the PopCallback function. I do have the picture object initialized at the top and do attach the pop. However I don’t want the wheel to spin after a touch event. I would like it to spin once the screen turns on (so I want to call this function in the setup function). Does anyone know how I can call this function to run how I would like it?

Any help is appreciated!

Hey there :raising_hand_woman:

Try it with WheelSpin((void*)&Wheel).

If you post your code as text, it’s easier to copy paste and try out if a suggestion will work :wink:
Whenever you get a build error you can’t get sorted yourself it would also be good to post the error message (in context).

As for your functionality, I’d suggest to write your animation in a non-blocking fashion - or even offload the work to the display by use of the on-board scripting language (which is somewhat stupid to write, but for simple tasks like this it’s OKish) and a timer component.

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That worked. Thanks a lot. and thanks for the tip! :smile:

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