[Solved] Serial.print does not appear to function in other than the main INO file

I am unable to determine what I have done incorrectly to cause this problem. In my main program listing (main.ino) I start the serial interface and I can print to the USB serial port with out issues. But in one of my included files (help.h & help.c) I am unable to get the Serial.print function to operate.

My main.ino file suppresses some of the Adriano functionality with the
command and the
#include “application.h”

The help.c file also include the application.h files.

Is this the cause?

It compiles happily and runs without error, EXCEPT that the serial print never happens.

Suggestions are appreciated.

OK so doing what I should have done earlier only adds to my confusion. Creating a very simple test case with just the Serial.print in the main.inio and one in the helper.c file and both are able to print to the serial port.

Not sure where to go next.

Could you please share your full code of all files? This would make it easier to debug. Thanks in advance!

The code that I am working on covers several files and combined is more than 800 lines so sharing would be difficult. :wink:

I did solve the problem though. Actually two problems. For some reason my WEB IDE created duplicates of one of the source and header file. Everything appeared to be a duplicate and editing in one caused the other to mirror the changes as well. Then I started getting weird “not referenced in this scope” errors so I removed (after copying the files to a safe place) and restored them. After cleaning up some reference issues that I thought I had fixed earlier, the code compiled AND the Serial.println in external files worked as expected.

Thanks for the offer of assistance.