[SOLVED]Node-v4.1.0.pkg broke my installation :( [use 0.12.7 for now]


I installed node.js via brew at El Capitan and all was working fine until i tried the https://nodejs.org/dist/latest/node-v4.1.0.pkg and now i am facing a problems with particle software. is there any workaround to fix this?


Currently there are some breaking changes in the new node.js versions. They are being worked on, but for the time being, reverting back to 0.12.7 seems to be the only option.

Hi Moors,

I am struggling with the revert process can you guide me please?


Un-install the current version, and give this one a try:

Thanks Moors,

I was trying all older version of node to find the working one :wink: so you saved my time…


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Thanks for your help earlier @Moors7 my photon now been running over 3 days with no problem at all.

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