[SOLVED]BUG: wehooks transforming data?


I’m posing (from my photon) events that incluce sensor id, temp and humidity, and I also have a webhook that posts this to Azure Event Hub. normally this work, but sometimes, especially lately, it appears that particle cloud is transforming the values. I end up with blank [’’] values. I have confirmed this by making my own endpoint and another webhook. All values are sometime [’’].

Has anyone else seen this?


{"name":"TempRecived","data":"{ \"s\":\"temp\",\"m\":\"TempRH\",\"tempSensorID\":1,\"rhValue\":61,\"tempValue\":11.0\r\nTEMP;2;24;20.5}","ttl":"60","published_at":"2016-05-02T11:44:35.945Z","coreid":"20003b000847343337373738"}
{"name":"hook-response/TempRecived/0","data":"tempsensorID= , rh=  , temp = ","ttl":"60","published_at":"2016-05-02T11:44:36.236Z","coreid":"particle-internal"}

Posting about it for sure helps… There is a BUG, but it is in MY code…[\r\nTEMP;2;24;20.5] should not be present in the event, and this messes up the json document. The reason for this is a situation that I did not think enough about. 2 of my sensors are now transmitting at almost the same time, and my code does not have enough support for this. Will be fixed.

Sorry for scaring you guys :smiley:

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