[SOLVED] 0.6.0.rc.1 USB HID - print() bug + MS Windows issue

@Scruffr, @BDub FYI:

== Macbook ==
confirm that Keyboard.press(), .releaseAll(), release() work as expected with the limited testing performed. Be aware that you really need a delay(100L); between the calls!

Confirmed that .print() is bugged. It outputs spaces instead of the characters in the parameter string, and looks to be one short, eg Keyboard.print(“TEST”); will output " " (ie three spaces). I will raise a PR for this (never done this before!)

== Windows XP and Windows 7 (as “Parallels” Virtual Machines on Macbook) ==
Same results as Macbook (good).

Important finding with Parallels: if the “Photon” device is picked as the USB device to connect with, USB HID data is not output, it is only when the “Photon” is not checked (disconnected).

No drivers were installed for the Photon. I believe this to be a problem moving forward - it should always work as a USB HID, and if you want to use USB Serial, then install the driver. This is normal practice.

@scruffr, is this a clue as to what might be happening with (y)our woes under Windows? No driver, not HID… big problem.

[I am on leave for two weeks so will not be able to test on a real Windows 7 machine until I get back to work at the end of August].

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I’m on vacation too, so no way to test now :weary:

But thanks forthe hint :+1:

@avtolstoy is onto both issues (.print() and driver requirements), so my guess is they will be closed with rc2… excellent.

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Reporting back on new testing with 0.6.0.rc2

== Keyboard.print() ==
a) Happy to report that Keyboard.print() works as expected now. Thanks @avtolstoy!

== Windows Driver Issues ==

b) Macbook Pro - Keyboard works with no driver requirement. Good.

c) Windows 7 / 10 - IF you have the old Photon driver installed, then the keyboard output does not work. Bad

d) Windows 7 / 10 - IF you don’t have any Photon driver installed, then keyboard output does work. Good

This closes this issue:

Question for @bdub - Have new Windows drivers been released yet?

Yes you can follow the notes here in this post: