Solar Power & the Particle Battery Shield


I am looking to have a weather station that charges via solar power.

I bought this from adafruit:

My question is… Can I charge this battery (also bought from Adafruit) :

With the SparkFun Battery Shield?

I don’t know how the solar cell power output is, and if it needs some sort of filter, converting or shutting down the input in case of too low of a power generation?

Any clue would be appreciated!

Hi @frlobo,

Good question! I think any lipo charger breakout board will help you charge that battery, but solar is easily impacted by clouds / etc.

This board is a little more expensive, but that giant cap will roll up smaller / inconsistent current into little bursts that can charge a battery on low-light days.

I don’t see a voltage in on the Sparkfun battery shield, so I have to imagine it uses the regulator on the photon itself, which needs a constant 3.6VDC and 5.5VDC. So I wouldn’t recommend running that directly off the solar panel. Our new battery shield can do 7v-20v input, but I’m not sure that’s a good choice for connecting directly to a panel either. (I am more on the software side of things, so I could be way off here, but I’ve been piecing together some solar packs for my personal projects).

My setup: (or smaller) (or smaller)

The adafruit solar lipo charger board will let you draw load from the board as well