SoftAP load on use

I am struggling with code space (flash) but not RAM and I am looking at ways to load SoftAP into memory only when needed - which is very infrequently - when someone sets up the WiFi.

Currently the following const char arrays are defined:

index_html = 1206 bytes
rsa_js = 1394 bytes
style_css = 1743 bytes
rng_rs = 1193 bytes
jsbn_2_js = 5199 bytes
jsbn_1_js = 4191 bytes
script_js = 5617 bytes
prng4_js = 555 bytes

Has anyone put these are files on SD card or FRAM and loaded them when required?
Would there be any issues declaring these as just char arrays?
Thanks for any ideas.

[Edit] I found this post from 4 years back but no idea how it was achieved SoftAP: Loading webpage from memory

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