Sockets from a web page multiple analogWrites per second

Is their anyone with a simple example program where the Spark Core is a TCP server that can accept multiple (Max at ~10) analogWrites per second from a single dedicated AJAX capable website?

@rocksetta, you might want to look at voodoospark :smile:

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Wow That is exactly what is needed, but I am trying to simplify things so I might not be able to use it. Thanks for the heads up. The Github repository looks well written and maintained.

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Actually looking at the code at, if I can get rid of all the debug stuff, any replys from the Core and everything except the AnalogWrite, maybe I can use it.

The .js example at looks fairly easy to follow. Just not sure if this is in a Node.js file or can be included in a webpage using javascript. Will search for more working examples.

Thanks peekay123.

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So trying to do this myself. If anyone wants to help with the repository have a look at

and send me a pull request.