SMT version of the Electron


Yes! We’re still revving the designs internally and will make an announcement to the community when we’ve finalized the layout/specs/etc!


Industrial new version will only be SMD or there will be a standard thru hole?
I want to know about when we can expect the new version? :slight_smile:


@developer_bt, the new version will have castellated edges on three sides. You will be able to solder header pins onto it but it will not fit in a breadboard. Particle will most likely provide a development board version with the module already soldered on it.


Thanks for the information :+1:
For me not a problem for fit in a breadboard I design my own PCB.


@developer_bt, as usual you can be sure that Particle will release all the wonderful goodies they always do like eagle libraries, etc.


Any updates for when it (and its’ eagle files) will approximately be ready? We would like to incorporate the design onto our PCBs. and will they be available from wholesale shop from the get-go?


@will Any news on this topic? Can you give a preview of the specs already or at least give an idea of when this version will be available? I like particle but it is important to me to know when it will be available and what the specs are so that I know if I can wait for it or if I need to look out for another solution. Thank you, Geert


Hey folks.

We’re gearing up for an announcement, which will include design files and an opportunity to pre-order evaluation kits, in June. If you would like to gain early access to the datasheet, please send me a PM and I can help to arrange access.

Hardware own design and production

Hi @will,

Do you have any date for release?
Can you send me the datasheet? I’m new on this group and I can’t send PM yet.



hello, this is a great news…do you have any official timeline to release the SMD version? thanks a lot!


Hey folks – no official release date as of yet. We’ll make a big deal of the announcement when it goes live but are still working on design improvements. @charlesmaciel I’ll reach out to you separately.


I would be interested to see a datasheet as well!


@will any idea on when the industrial version of the electron will be available? Or at least can you give us the specs? This would be greatly appreciated


The launch date will occur in Q3. We are almost finished with the hardware designs. Please send me a PM if you are interested in early access to the datasheet.


Will, I already have the Ublox Sara-410-02B radios in our lab for NB1 testing in the US on T-mobile (up in Seattle) and CAT-M1 radios for the AT&T side. I see it on your roadmap and based on this thread most likely mid-2018 avability in the Electron Embedded/SMT module. Understand the desire to wait for more wide availability of NB-1, but any opportunity for early beta trials?


Hey! We’ll let you know if we’re planning to run any open trails for LTE M1/NB1 with our community. The long pole in the tent is currently not access to hardware, but to volume access to M1/NB1 networks and SIMs.

We expect there to be fewer technical obstacles to integrate LTE M1 support into our platform than NB1 due to the closer similarity between M1 and previous cellular technologies vs. NB1.