Simple Web Button to turn Particle led on

Okay, with all docs, support and reading - I can’t figure out how to easily have one button on a webpage that turns a particle led on. I’ve looked at tutorials, read the docs, various security updated etc. but would love some help. Thanks!

Have you also looked at this tutorial?

While it is dated (some of the image links are broken) and you will need to replace with now, the fundamentals have not changed.

A more recent approach would be the Particle API JS (in particular callFunction())

This does require some basic HTML and JS knowledge but building that that is beyond the the scope of this forum.

Hi Lauren and welcome to the community!

There’s a bunch of projects in Hackster that blink an LED.
Maybe you can find some inspiration there?

Do you really want to turn on the led from a webpage? it may be easier to control it form the Particle App (iOS and Android) at the beginning, then perhaps from Blynk, and then Ubidots, and then your own web page.

Could that help a bit?
If not. keep asking questions, please!

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Thanks for this - would have loved to use the examples listed in the Web IDE - but they don’t work - old info about security… So, not wanting to bother with endless questions, I’d rather hire someone directly - does the community have a forum for that? Thank you.