Should i choose WKP or P1s6 pins in P1 to drive pwm?

Hi there, I hope that everybody is fine. İ will appreciate if you can help me to choose from these two pins available in my P1 design, i need a pwm out to drive the infrared led from any of these pins. In my design i dont have any pins left so i have to choose one of these pins. should i continue with P1s6 (testmode9 pin or WKP? i will also appreciate to undertstand the usage of these pins please? How do i put the device into sleep mode?Do i put the unit out of standby by applying high to the WKP pin? is there any other way to wake up the device if i use this pin as pwm output?

WKP Active-high wakeup pin, wakes the module from sleep/standby modes. When not used as a WAKEUP, this pin can also be used as a digital GPIO, ADC input or PWM[1]. Can be referred to as A7 when used as an ADC.

P1S6 Can be used as a digital GPIO or PWM[1] output. Must disable Wi-Fi Powersave Clock first, see System Features in Firmware Reference.

Thank you in advance.

WKP is used for deep sleep and should be the only pin that can wake up the P1 in deep sleep.

If you are doing normal sleep mode then other pins should work fine as the trigger to wake up.