Set. Spark.variable()?

I was looking at a project where the requirement is to use a Web App and change timings of a pump.

How should i approach the problem to “send” data instead of GET Spark.Variable or Spark.Function to hard code the possible commands?

HI @kennethlimcp

I like the approach I used here:

Spark.functions are set methods and Spark.variables are get methods.

The example here is a little weird since you want to essentially continuously get the core value. If the pumps are those beautiful peristaltic dosing pumps in another thread–I am sorry I haven’t had time to work on that this week!

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I have just started to work on the spark core and have the same problem. I’m working on a system where the spark should send SMS (with a SMS shield). However the user should be able to write different messages at a web-interface and configure when each message should be sent (using sensor values).


The problem I’m facing is that it is impossible to send more than a 64 bytes long string as a parameter to the Spark.Funcion(). And it seems impossible to write a value to a Spark.variable() from outside (i.e. read value in the Spark core and write it elsewhere). At least haven’t found anything about howto write to a variable in the documentation.

**Question: **

Do someone has any ideas of how I can send 180-chars to the spark core (and preferable also some more config-data along the text message)?

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