Set cloud variable from console for electron to read upon wake?

I have an electron set to wake periodically from deep sleep and publish some data such as location and battery info. I want to be able to tell it to use an attached GPS module for location data occasionally. Is there a way to use the console to set a variable that the electron can read when it wakes?

You cannot set a Particle.variable() remotely.
What you can do is call a Particle.function() or Particle.publish() an even to which the device has hooked up a Particle.subscribe() which then updates the underlying variable.

To add to what @ScruffR already mentioned, there currently is no solution for sending data to devices on wakeup automatically. Hopefully some time in the future.


Not sure if this helps, but what I do is use a combination of HttpClient and arduinoJSON libraries, to parse json objects off an http page the electron accesses upon boot, and simply change the values on the webpage as needed.