Serialization with spark


i’d like to transmit serialized data to my Spark Core.My goal is to serialize objects on my cloud application, transmit the data to the core and deserialize it on the spark core to have the same object there.

I guess, transmitting the data with the cloud API is not the best way because the data is limited to 160 characters. Using TCP for transmission would be another option, but if you are behind a router, it’s quite uncomfortable.

Does anyone have some suggestions, for serialzation libraries running on the core.
I’ve already tried the “SimpleSerialization” library for arduino.

It’s not working yet and it’s quite hard to debug it with spark core.

@Roadrunner The cloud isn’t really set up for high bandwidth applications, so we do recommend using TCP for something like this. But the nice thing about the Cloud is that you can use it to help two devices “discover” each other. Check out this annotated example on our docs: