Serial ports 5V tolerant? Need help to understand the ELECTRON data sheet

Hello, I am not sure how to interpret the ELECTRON data sheet regarding the 5V tolerance of the serial port pins. It says in the data sheet ( data sheet ) that “All pins except A3 and DAC are 5V tolerant…” but on the other hand, in the table directly above it says “UART Qty: 3 I/O 3V3” … as in: = 3.3V max pins. Are the three UARTs 5V tolerant, or not? THere are various threads here in the forum on this topic on the Core and Photon, but not sure if they apply also to the Electron.

Yes, all of the Electron pins are 5V tolerant, except for A3 and A6 (DAC), when they are used in digital input mode without an internal pull-up or pull-down. That includes all of the serial inputs.

Thanks Rick.

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Funny… I was going to post exactly the same question this morning. The electron data sheet is confusing at best, probably more like incorrect and needs to be fixed.

Thanks for the answer, @rickkas7