Serial.begin kills Setup() in Electron

I’ve attributed some weird behavior to my lack of C++ expertise. However, I decided to spend a couple of days to track down missing serial output on my USB COM3 Windows 10 port. After trying a bunch of simple tests and finding a hint in documentation about serial stuff happening in Loop(), I verified that Setup() terminates (dies, aborts) on Serial.begin(9600) and so my missing output like version # and important initialization wasn’t happening. Of course, this led to strange program behavior. I now use a first time flag and do my initialization out of Loop() and no more strange behavior. I had a lot of headaches with this because the early abort meant my firstTime flag wasn’t being set.

@Erhughes1944, I always use Serial.begin() in setup() and never had any problems. If you can share you code, I may be able to advise.

I think the lower bound for Serial.available() might be 0 -->

I usually use while(!Serial.available()

Something minimal to test:

int counter = 20;

void setup(){
  counter = -10;

void loop(){
 if(Serial.available()){ //hit any button;

Update: oh yeah it should be all lowercase setup() :slight_smile:

retract retract Setup() s/b setup() arghh!

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